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You can and should find enjoyment in your work. People want validation from the outer world about where they work and what their employer stands for.

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Be able to pat yourself on the back at the end of every day. It is critical to distinguish between the job and the way you do it.

Whether that pride translates into wearing a company sweatshirt on the weekend, or telling friends about an awesome reward they recently earned at work, companies should encourage employees to identify with them.

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To be seriously happy, Seligman says, we have to set our sights on a good life and a meaningful life. Someone who is passionate about their job is not necessarily living their life any more or less fully than someone who is passionate about their family or their music. Research on depression shows that one of the biggest causes of depression is ruminating about something that went wrong in the past, says Baylis. For most, it was an okay way to make a good living. Aren't they just going to be horribly smug and piss people off? It could be anything from a conversation to your garden looking nice, or that it didn't rain on you when you were out on your bike. And you may discover, as you focus on doing it better, that some of the irritants of your job become more rewarding, or at least less lousy. We all like hanging around with happy people," says Baylis. You are. As for me, I moved to a job that I disliked less. Share via Email Propose a movement whose aim is to bottle happiness so it can be dispensed to one and all, saving humanity from a future of chronic misery, and you might expect at least a few people to roll their eyes. What are we supposed to do? For a few of those folks, it was their dream job. According to Baylis, who is the only positive psychology lecturer in the country, the research is now beginning to bear fruit.

For the purpose of this exercise, say someone posts online about how they dislike superhero movies because they find them to be militaristic, nationalistic, and because they heap Wagnerian glory on an exceptional individual who presides over the helpless, nebulous masses. Employees need to be reminded in more frequent, experiential ways why they do what they do.

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Seligman, who is the figurehead of the positive psychology movement, goes further than suggesting people learn to think positively.

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Why do some people enjoy life and others don't?