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Because of this, the modern technical writer needs to be part of the Agile Scrum team and closely aligned with the meetings and deliverables contained within each sprint.

I usually use the term Scrum when discussing mechanics and tactics, and Agile when referring to a more overarching philosophy. Importance of the topic I also want to emphasize how important this topic is. Since Scrum teams plan work in two-week sprints and depend on user feedback at biweekly checkpoints, you never quite know the long-term direction.

In part 2, I explore solutions.

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Not far from that was another new topic: software localization and translation. Ask questions If you can't figure out how particular product feature works or what is it for, feel free to ask developers all about it, as it's extremely important to deliver correct information to end users. Unfortunately, nobody wrote instructions for Agile technical writers, so peculiarities of profession need to be studied out. About a year ago, we held a panel discussion on how tech writers can thrive in an Agile environment in the STC Silicon Valley chapter. Be proactive Which brings me to the next point: being proactive. This type of documentation also makes content review more manageable within the time confines of a one or two-week sprint cycle. But it seems that, in agile software development, you never stop learning. For example, you should take time to respond to users' comments on your documentation, to read RSS feeds on topics you're interested in, chat with other tech writers, and actually do some technical writing. Enjoy learning new stuff That goes without saying. Consider using Github. Integrating into a Agile Scrum team tends to focus your attention toward creating documentation for upcoming features.

Communication within the development team is also paramount. We can discuss the right format for the audience such as context-sensitive help, videos, PDF, or webhelp. When tech writers try to integrate into engineering Scrum teams, they usually run into a host of challenges.

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Technical writing is extremely varied and exciting. Since Agile methods are built up on close communication and interaction between members, it would be a better solution to use conventional methods if employees are better workers as individuals rather than team members. So if technical writers want to advance their careers they need to get comfortable working in Agile environments. Consider collaborative tools offering version control. Document Quickly Like the product, your documents should evolve iteratively. One Scrum master might assign points based on T-shirt sizes, while another uses numbers. In summary, Agile is a learning curve for technical writers, particularly those used to Waterfall environments. The engineer finishes the feature on the last day of the sprint, and only then can you play around with it enough to document it.

Until then, technical writers can reduce churn by documenting decisions and requirements they judge to be unlikely to change.

Agile may not fit the project type itself for some reasons. Just call us! About a year ago, we held a panel discussion on how tech writers can thrive in an Agile environment in the STC Silicon Valley chapter.

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As a result, documentation usually lags at least one sprint behind, and the doc tasks have to be decoupled from the development tasks. Encouraging engineers, designers etc to edit your documents enables your work to be completed more quickly. Let the person in charge add remarks and corrections. One Scrum master might assign points based on T-shirt sizes, while another uses numbers. How to make life easier Plan things out Despite the fact that agile tech writing is pretty much creative kind of activity and such a flexible way of technical communicating may seem a little fuzzy, there aren't any lack of discipline. Documentation in an Agile Development Cycle The days of verbose user manuals written in Microsoft Word or other static word processing software are over. Be it new REST calls to be documented, wording for new features to be provided, a blog post to be written, processes to be discussed, localization issues to be figured out… All those things might happen within the same time frame. They communicate more frequently with developers, even informally. Consider using Github. Send completed documentation to person in charge, correct and modify. Whilst Waterfall brings benefits, especially when a project has clear and stable requirements, it restricts the involvement of end users and clients in the project. Use standard templates.

Good organisation of all tasks into sprints and backlogs makes work transparent and easy to plan. Such clients will likely pick teams that use Waterfall-like development strategies.

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Technical Writing and Agile Scrum Environment