Private university in bangladesh essay help

Private university in bangladesh essay help

Library consortia, does not have any remarkable history but the consortial arrangements started with the concept of resource sharing since long back. Introduction 2. Methodology This section of paper reveals how the research has been done. They don't actually deserve to be teachers of the highest seats of learning. These low quality students create problems for the universities in maintaining quality. Out of 54 private universities, two or three of them have their own VSAT. Den of student leaders and armed cadres Huge number of students in a classroom Teachers do not take class regularly Governing body fails to control because of large number of students. Organizational skills — You will have to prove that you are able to organize in a quick and clear manner and show that you are not afraid to take charge of a situation and find a solution. And then we got good communication skill, managerial skill, confidence, knowing about the job and every other qualities that has already been discussed above. In Bangladesh the state had the monopoly of providing higher education university level until Comparison of Best Private Universities In the versity admission website I found an online voting system where anyone give their opinion through vote. Conclusion This has been evident from the above study that the development of a country and its economy is dependent on the proper management of the contemporary issues and the success of such issues mostly depends on the development of well trained, educated and groomed human resources.

Literature Review The positive role of private Universities in the higher education in Bangladesh is now undeniable Siddique A country that deliberately devotes a pro-portion of its resources for education and to improve the skills and abilities of its young people expects to see change in its economic and social performance in the years ahead.

With the success of the first university many other philanthropists came forward to establish universities.

private university act 1992

Observer Magazine Muzaffar A. Other universities and specialized colleges[ edit ].

role of non government university in bangladesh

Disadvantages of Private University: Very high tuition fee. Answering this part we have got mixed reaction. Standard of quality cannot be ascertained only in the private universities.

the contribution of private university in bangladesh essay

Therefore, if international standard quality education can be ensured through the analysis of the strategic issues of higher education, then the development of appropriate strategies will be possible.

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