Is dependence computer a bad thing

Are computers a good thing

Abusing them will lead our world to remain undeveloped instead of achieving strong development, as we expect. Computer saves a lot of time and money. I think the computer is a big success by inventors. There is no harm in using computer but it excessive use may lead us to various diseases. Computer is very useful in learning new things, reducing our mental stress, etc. Firstly, it an emphasis to its owners to leave a sedentary lifestyle. Depending on the computer is a good thing for the following ones. One good thing about computers is that it frees up the human mind to be more creative. Abusing them will lead our world to be undeveloped instead of strong development as we expect. Computer perform work faster than us but it is not equivalent to us. One of the foundations of technology is computers.

Now-a-days even children are using transport. So in truth computers are a good thing, as an aid to work, leisure etc.

computer is good or bad debate

At last, I want to say "let make use of computers don't let computers to use us". Nowadays so many people dependence on computers and they got knowledge. In today's life, an internet is varied essentially to everyone for filling the form, online booking, news etc. But over dependency causes to ill effects.

Is dependence computer a bad thing

But all times depending on that that is not a correct. So don't get addicted are don't be more dependent on computers.

argument are we too dependent on computers

Using its as a utility thrive the men kind to a different level for attaining knowledge but totally dependency always lead to the abstraction or to lead to the specialized spot where we only use luxury given by computer automation.

The problem comes when you try to restrict people to what a display tells them, initiative goes out the window.

Are humans dependent on computers debate

Nowadays youths are busy on many social networking sites neglecting their studies and even wasting money on online shopping. Everyone knows "man makes computer and not computer makes the man", but whenever we compete man vs computer I think most probably computer wins. A day will come, we will become handicap, we perhaps would not be able to do anything without it. People will continue to use them in communication, studying, finding information, entertaining, etc, and use new functions of future computers. In our topic, that dependency on the computer is good or bad. But its wrong because the children's parents don't look after them. We can say that Use of computer is playing a crucial role in daily life in this modern generation. So increase your memory power and decrease the dependence on computer for small works. Its use is good because if you want to live a happier life if you want to compete in this generation so, it's our basic need.

By my point of view no we should not depend on anything.

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