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Many who joined it began to mint money for personal use rather than devoting themselves to the noble cause of freeing India from foreign yoke. Subhash Bose was invited to take up the leadership. This caused British intelligence to begin the " Jiffs " propaganda campaign and to create "Josh" groups to improve the morale and preserve the loyalty of the sepoys as consolidation began to prepare for the defence of Manipur.

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INA trials helped in escalating this consciousness into a stronger resistance to the British rule. The golden opportunity for him came when Japan joined the war. When Mohan Singh told them that the recruiting would proceed in earnest, some of them sought to improve their personal standings by giving longer lists of volunteers than others. A regular flag hoisting ceremony was held amidst great rejoicing and singing of the Azad Hind Fauz National Anthem. It was supported in its mission and objectives by Japanese government which decided to provide it all unnecessary facilities for armed struggle for Indian independence. The Indian national flag was hoisted in Kohima in March It was assigned the task of launching a struggle that would bang about the expulsion of Britain and its allies from the soil of India and also bring about the establishment of Permanent National Government of Azad Hind on the Indian soil On October 23 of the same year it announced war both on Britain and the U. Initial efforts by small groups of INA soldiers in a reconnaissance and intelligence gathering role did little to change the negative impressions the Japanese had of the Indians. The process to select those to face trial started. Shah Nawaz Khan, Capt. This is achieved by looking at various features of the Indian National Army before, during and after its active action like the motivations of the recruits, the methods employed in the campaign and the historic INA trials. When the stories of their remarkable courage and sacrifice came to the knowledge of the Indian people at the end of the war, the nation came under a wave of revolutionary upsurge. Ayer, S. At that time Rash Behari Bose was busy in organizing a notable organization in the name of Indian Independence League in Japan to help the end of British rule in India.

This second incarnation of the INA proved far more robust and substantial than the one under Singh. Rasammah Bhupalanalso of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, later became a well-known welfare-activist and a widely respected champion for women's rights in Malaysia.

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The INA's own strategy was to avoid set-piece battles, for which it lacked armament as well as manpower. The Indian National Army and Japan.

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The INA existed in two distinct incarnations. It had resorted to it the ability to cause widespread civil commotion, and in circumstances where the government might hesitate to use the Indian Army. Meanwhile during July , everyone was apprehensive of any kind of settlement between the INC and Muslim League and it seemed as if the independence would be delayed by another decade. And only when the Indian people receive the baptism of fire on a large scale, will they qualify for their freedom. Firstly, Britain would lose the war and the British Empire would break up. Bahadurgarh also held prisoners of the Free India Legion. Running through all writings of INA is an appreciation of the singular role played by Subhash Chandra Bose in turning it into an actual fighting force. In the first, it was raised and initially led by a disillusioned British Indian army officer, Captain Mohan Singh, who had been captured in the opening stages of the Japanese invasion of Malaya. After the surrender of Japan, the INA almost found it impossible to continue its activities. Saghal, Col. Perhaps more than any other conflict, World War II produced some unusual military formations that defied easy categorization.

In contrast, the Congress Committee initially wanted independence in phases, through Dominion status. The British Government could realise that patriotism for Indians was greater than their service to a foreign power.

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When the stories of their remarkable courage and sacrifice came to the knowledge of the Indian people at the end of the war, the nation came under a wave of revolutionary upsurge.

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