How to survive your first heartbreak

This is the place of safety and comfort. I know that it may feel like it is, but it's not. Watching love movies on repeat and wallowing for months on end is a Band-Aid, not a cure. This is a good way to get all your emotions out of your chest.

what was your first heartbreak

Forgiveness is for you to heal and not anyone else. Physical pain isn't the worst kind of pain.

First heartbreak at 30

I mean, it's understandable. We begin to withdraw and begin to act inappropriately due to our lack of control over our emotions. I was really hurt, for a long time after my first heartbreak. If your legs feel too wobbly, lean on something sturdy. Do something other than lay in your bed all day crying. Remember that love does not only exist in the romantic form. For me, probably the most difficult lesson learned. Emotions are most powerful at night, don't let them trick you into doing something you will later regret. This is a good way to get all your emotions out of your chest. It's another thing that you'll just know to be true when it is accomplished. Deal with your emotional pain in a healthy way; acknowledge it, wallow, then move on. If that's what you truly want to do, wait until the morning. I wish it was something I could explain but it's not. It's something you feel, and no matter how many people tell you your significant other isn't right for you, you will never listen to them until that moment comes where you realize it yourself. It has to be done for you and in alignment with your healing.

It may seem impossible but I am a heartbreak survivor, therefore I know it is possible. But, what you choose to do after the heartbreak, now that's what matters. Decide your first love was still worth the eventual heartbreak. It may feel like everything is going wrong and you will never find another person to love you ever again, but stop doubting yourself and prepare for all of the surprises life is about to bless you with.

Time really does heal everything.

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My Tips on Dealing With Your First Heartbreak