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And the research's results go to the scientist. But we also bet on volume, because innovation without access does not allow the company to fulfill its social role," the executive said. By expanding local partnerships, the company's director of basic research for emerging markets and head of the Trust in Science program, Isro Gloger, says that GSK is reinforcing the goal of attaining a complete innovation model in Brazil.

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Subjects with the complete and relevant medical records available. Rengifo says, GSK, which owns brands Sensodyne toothpasteSonrisal anti-acid and Clavulin antibiotichad to redouble the search for sales efficiency and expansion. Exclusion Criteria Subjects who have been transferred to other specialised centres, where their medical records would be inaccessible for the study private clinics, psychiatric or prison hospitals, other state hospitals, etc.

The transaction was concluded in early November. In the two signed an agreement for development of collaborative research including topics such as respiratory diseases, metabolic, infectious, inflammatory and immunology, as well as tropical and neglected diseases and so-called rare diseases.

The centres - which will aim to be carbon-neutral in operation - will also try to develop ways to minimise energy use and maximise reaction efficiency, through the use of technologies such as flow chemistry and microwave heating.

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We are delighted to announce our support the new Centre of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry, an initiative that is part of our continued investment in science.

Inclusion criteria for the Exposed cohort: Subjects who received one dose of Refortrix vaccine in the recommended time period between 27 and 36 completed weeks of pregnancy or as late as 20 days before delivery due date as part of the maternal immunization program in Brazil, and according to the program recommendations from May onwards.

Research will center on studying poisons, animal secretions and purified toxins.

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GlaxoSmithKline gets ready to double in size in Brazil in 5 years